CYD Mini Circuit Breaker
CYD series miniature circuit breakers are composed of the moulded case,operating mechanism,contact system,arc-extinguishing system,tripping mechanism,etc.The case is made of the special plastic high in fire-resistance and strength,so it is very capable of resisting impact and light in weight.The parts of the operating mechanism employ high strength plastic products in order to assure the flexible,reliable operation and obtain the minimum moment of inertia as well so that the time for the moment the short-circuit fault occurs to the operation of the tripping mechanism is very little. The tripping mechanism is composed of the two part of bimetal sheet overload counter time limit tripping mechanism and short-circuit instantaneous electromagnetic mechanism.The contact arc-extinguishing system employs the special arc-conducting angle and gangway arc-extinguishing chamber so it has distinct current limiting characteristics.
Main Technical Data
Standard   IEC898,GB10963,BS387.1
Number of poles   1P.2P.3P.4P
Rated current(In)   1,2,3,4,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Rated voltage(Un)   AC230/400V
Rated frequency   50/60Hz
Tripping curve   B,C,D
Release action characteristics Time delay 1.13In1h non-trip
1.45In<1h trip
2.55In 1S<60S trip
Instantaneous(Curve C) 5In0.1S non-trip
10In<0.1 trip
Magnetic releases operate
  B curve:between 3 and 5In
  C curve:between 5 and 10In
  D curve:between 10 and 14In
Rated breaking capacity(Lcn)
Endurance   2500
Circumstance temperature
Electrical life   6000times
Mechanical life   2000 times
Tropical ration   Treatmen 2(RH95%,at 55)
Protection degree   IP20
Dimension and Mounting
It has passed the CB testing.

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